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Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices For Retail Stores

To say that the British high street is going through a difficult time would be an understatement. Consumer confidence, changing shopping habits, and online shopping are one thing, but add in outrageous business rates, high rents, or other property costs. You have the perfect storm, and all that was before the Pandemic.

The result is sadly many high street brands, and names most of us grew up with are all playing a part in retailers large and small, closing their doors for good. NRGUtility can’t help with these particular issues, but we can help support retailers by helping them reduce another significant outlay your energy costs.

When the latest gas and electricity bill arrives at your shop, you may groan, shake your fist and wonder how you will manage but chances are, you won’t do much else. And we know why because with over 30 suppliers out there trying to get quotes from them all would take you many days. We are in the business, and even for us, the thought of trying to contact 40 energy suppliers, go through all your details with them is something we wouldn’t relish. Thankfully we have long standing relationships with these suppliers and can get you quotes from all of them at the same time.

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So let NRGUtility Ltd sort out your utility contracts leaving you free to deal with more pressing priorities and concerns are. We can also offer you tips on how you can help your business reduce energy consumption.

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As well as Electricity, Gas and Water we offer a wide range of other merchant services from Epos and Till systems and industry-beating rates on credit card merchant services.

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