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Best Prices For Attractions On Their Electricity, Gas & Water

There are well over 20,000 care homes and centres in the UK. The pandemic has hit all sectors; however, the care home sector has been the subject of intense media coverage; it has been reported that many care homes are facing financial pressures. Yet, cutting costs in such a critical setting can be very difficult; you have to protect services and maintain the highest care levels.

Within the health care sector, busy directors and managers have little time to negotiate gas and electricity contracts. But missing a contact end date can result on your care home being on a deemed, standard or out of contract rate and these can be as much as 80% more expensive negotiated ones.

So if you are unsure when your utility contract runs out, or generally go with the renewal quote when they come through you could be paying significantly more for your energy bills than you would be if you had contacted NRGUtility and let us negotiate your next contract.

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This is where NRGUtility Ltd can help. All we need is a letter of Authority and a copy of your utility bills and armed with this information. We will approach over 30 of the UK’S biggest energy providers on your behalf to get you the best possible price for your utilities.

Once we are out of the pandemic, you might consider having us carry out Energy Audits; this is free service to our customers. Our audits are carried out on site. We will walk through your business audit all energy use areas and come back to you to report how potential savings can be made.

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