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Deregulation of the commercial water market in England was introduced in 2017. As a result, your business is now free to use any business water supplier for your water services. Over time, deregulation usually creates more competition and subsequently lower bills; however, there are not many suppliers in the market yet!

After water deregulation in Scotland which happened in 2008, the initial savings were relatively modest. However, over the next few years, competition between water suppliers saw prices for business water in Scotland start to fall.

All we need from you to see if we can get you a better contract and price on your water costs is a copy of a recent water invoice and a letter of authority if we don’t already have one from you for other utilities. That’s it, leave the rest to us. Once we have this information from you, we will put this out to tender to water retailers. And then we will be in touch with the best price plans for your commercial water use.

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How Can I Reduce My Business Water Bills?

While we should be able to reduce your bill, much more significant savings can be made if you can reduce the amount of water your business uses, for example switching to waterless urinals can save you up to 35% in your water usage.

If savings can be made on your business water rate, NRGUtility Ltd will find it.

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