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Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices For Doctors Surgeries

In England alone there just under 7,000 doctors surgeries, with many open for 10 hours or more a day. So it is easy to see that each one can use significant amounts of energy.

When it comes to energy usage, GP surgeries are just like any other businesses in the country, facing increased financial pressure because of the continued rise in energy prices. Heating and lighting costs, in particular, will eat into your budgets and so it’s vital to look at ways your surgery can reduce these overheads.

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Even before the arrival of Covid-19 surgery managers were very busy individuals indeed, so finding the time to assess and review your energy usage and contact the myriad of suppliers out this is an exercise few practice managers will be able to find the time to do.

Fortunately, NRGUtility on hand to help, we will take your details. With our relationships forged with over 30 of the UK’s foremost energy suppliers get you the best possible deal.

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