Electricity Audit

Electricity Audit

Not only do NRGUtility Ltd guarantee to beat any renewal quote and potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your energy contract if you are on an out-of-contract or standard tariff. We can also carry out an energy assessment audit of your business and outline ways in which your business can reduce the amount of energy you are using.

And we are not just talking light bulbs here; if your business has equipment that uses a lot of energy to get started, how and when you switch these on can have a dramatic effect on an element of your bill. Your businesses demand, maximum demand, as well as the forecasted load factor all, contribute to the overall cost of your electricity bills.

As mentioned lightbulbs, did you know that a single non LED 50-watt light bulb left on 24/7 will burn through somewhere between £50 – £75 of electricity a year dependant on your energy price band which is determined by how much energy you use?. So imagine if your business has say 30, 50-watt spotlights or older-style light bulbs that are on all the time those bulbs will cost you £1,737 – £2,278 a year if on 24/7. Even if your business is only open for 8 hours a day, seven days a week, those same 30 bulbs will go through between £579 – £760 worth of electricity. How many non LED bulbs does your business have, it makes you think.

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Now Is The Time To Book Your Electricity Audit

With electricity prices have risen by over 30% for many businesses since late 2016 now really is the time to look at how you use energy and what measure can be put in to place to reduce energy costs.

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