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Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices For Leisure Centres

If you manage a leisure centre, you will be well aware of the high costs of energy. We will help leisure clubs up and down the country to get the best electricity prices they possibly can.

The wholesale price of all utilities and distribution costs have risen substantially since 2016. So it is vital to ensure your leisure club is not paying over the odds for your business Electricity or business Gas. This is something we at NRGUtility Ltd will do for you.

As energy brokers & consultants, we work with more than 30 of the UK’s energy companies. Most of our competitors work with half this number. We can generally get quotes to you within 24/48 hours as we place so many contracts every week with suppliers, they return tenders to us very promptly.

For large consumers, please note that if you are on a half-hourly meter, it will take seven days for the data on your exact usage to be received by us before we can go to the market place and get you the best price.

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As well as Electricity, Gas and Water we offer a wide range of other services from Epos and Till systems and industry-beating rates on credit card merchant services.

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