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The great British Pub remains one of our most treasured institutions, and there are about 45,000 pubs in the UK.

While they may be treasured and there for people to enjoy themselves in, owning or managing a pub is not easy. Ever-increasing costs, tightening margins and changes in societies habits and increasing expectations are just some of the industry’s issues. We have all heard that pubs are closing down at an alarming rate and that was before the Pandemic!

Keeping the pubs warm in winter and cool in summer, cooling for Beer and other drinks, running kitchens as many now have extensive food menus it’s not surprising that Pubs go through a lot of Gas and Electricity.

We understand the Pub trade, so If energy expenses are eating into your profits, it’s time to take action. Getting the best possible price for your next utility contract NRGUtility could not be more straightforward. We have priority status with major UK energy suppliers, which gives us access to exclusive tariffs and products. We compare unit rates, standing charges and more to ensure you’re paying the fairest price across the board.

We can also carry out Energy and Water Audits, and these are a free service to our customers. Our audits are carried out on site. We will walk through your business audit all energy and water usage areas and come back to you to report how potential savings can be made.

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