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Newsagents and convenience stores are probably the hardest working retailers in any sector, with many owners working seven days a week and often very long hours. If you are on a deemed or standard tariff, we could save hundreds and potentially thousands of pounds on your annual bills by arranging a new contract for you.

But how are you then meant to find the time to contact over 30 suppliers in the market, collate the data to ensure you get yourself the best price, sadly this is time many simply don’t have and subsequently might find themselves on a less than favourable tariff.

Contact NRGUtility Ltd one quick call or email and just a few details given to us plus a letter of Authority, and we will take your requirements out to the market and get you the best possible deal for your business.

That could go some way in giving you the resources to take a much needed few days off.

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As well as Electricity, Gas and Water we offer a wide range of other services from Epos and Till systems and industry-beating rates on credit card merchant services.

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